REVIEW of Return to Satterthwaite Court (Somerset Stories #3) by Mimi Matthews

Retired from the military, Charles Heywood is determined to reconcile with his parents and obtain a piece of property important to his family history. But a chance meeting with audacious Kate Beresford in London upends all his peace. Convinced that Charles is the hero she needs, Kate pursues him determinedly. Is it possible that the one man she wants is the man she cannot have?

REVIEW of The Siren of Sussex (Belles of London #1) by Mimi Matthews (BLOG TOUR)

Evelyn Maltravers has come to London aware that she can only afford to have one season and that she needs to make the most of it. While she would easily be outshone in the ballroom, her best asset is her horsewomanship (pretend that that’s a word). To accentuate her equestrian skills, she needs a riding habit with style and panache. She needs a riding habit to die for. She needs a riding habit made by London’s most up-and-coming tailor, Ahmad Malik….

REVIEW of John Eyre: A Tale of Darkness and Shadow by Mimi Matthews (BLOG TOUR)

Wrestling with his despair, and determined to find meaning once again in his vocation, John Eyre takes a position from Mr. Fairfax of Thornfield Hall. Upon arriving at the secluded manor, which is surrounded by strange mists, John discovers that Mr. Fairfax is only the butler and a mysteriously absent Mrs. Rochester is the one who has employed him to tutor her two wards….