REVIEW of Nameless (Age of Conquest #3) by Tamara Leigh

NamelessWhen Sir Dougray loses his arm at the Battle of Hastings, he also loses his reasons for living. Illegitimate and now maimed, he is rejected by his intended bride. He bitterly turns to subjugating the Saxons who maimed him, helping his d’Argent brothers carry out the whims of William the Conqueror. But when a mistreated Saxon woman crosses his path, Dougray feels a strange stirring of sympathy. He risks his position with the king and even his own freedom to redeem Em from slavery. Is it possible that a nameless man with a broken body and battered heart could ever find rest and love?

This continuation of the D’Argent brothers’ saga follows the brother who has no silver hair. Born illegitimate, from the sin of his mother when she thought his father dead, Dougray has always felt unworthy to be one of the family. Now, missing his right arm in a world where might makes right, he is doubly cursed. Em has her own scars to bear–the nightmares she endures from being the plaything of a sadistic Norman baron will not allow her to sleep. The concern she has for the Saxon rebels will not let her stop striving. Even though her heart begins to care for Dougray, the thought of him touching her makes her want to retch.

This story is a beautiful romance of redemption woven into a bellicose and bloody era of history. Dougray’s sensitivity towards a sexual abuse survivor seems a little unusual for the time; however, I do appreciate how Tamara Leigh’s romance plots are always relatable for today’s readers. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Age of Conquest series–here’s hoping that we get cousin Mael’s story! It’s going to be a good one…

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