REVIEW of Return to Satterthwaite Court (Somerset Stories #3) by Mimi Matthews

Retired from the military, Charles Heywood is determined to reconcile with his parents and obtain a piece of property important to his family history. But a chance meeting with audacious Kate Beresford in London upends all his peace. Convinced that Charles is the hero she needs, Kate pursues him determinedly. Is it possible that the one man she wants is the man she cannot have?

REVIEW of A Winter Chase (The Mercer’s House #1) by Mary Kingswood

When the landed gentry family the Plummers fall into insolvency, the only recourse is to sell their opulent home and retreat into a smaller property next door. Unfortunately, the wealthy Fletcher family who has purchased the home is severely tainted by trade, as Mr. Fletcher earned his money as a mercer (a dealer in textiles). While the baronet is determined not to snub the new neighbors, his wife has a different outlook altogether. Thus the stage is set for James Plummer, the second son and often-absent rector of the neighborhood, to encounter Julia Fletcher, the hoydenish overly tall daughter of the mercer as she is swinging her legs sitting on the gate of their new property….

REVIEW of Fancy Pants (Only in Gooding #1) by Cathy Marie Hake

Lady Sydney Hathwell has traveled all the way to America to meet her betrothed–only to to discover that he is a self-important, womanizing cad whom she could never love. Orphaned and alone, she disappears to the only place she can think of, the Texas ranch of her mother’s American brother, an uncle whom she has never met. Uncle Fuller’s heart is as good as gold, but he’s adamantly opposed to having women on the ranch. Mistaking Sydney’s androgynous name for a boy’s name, he invites his “nephew” out to the ranch….

REVIEW of The Rose and the Thistle by Laura Frantz (BLOG TOUR)

When Blythe Hedley returns home from the French court, she discovers that her father, the Earl of Northumberland, is far more enmeshed in the Jacobite cause than suspected. With the new Hanoverian king installed in London, the Jacobites are agitating to bring back the Stuart king from over the water. Blythe’s father sends her for safekeeping to the Scottish castle of her godfather, the Earl of Wedderburn. But the only trouble is that the old earl has just passed away, and it’s his imposing son Everard who holds the title now….

REVIEW of The Belle of Winchester (The Ellsworth Assortment #2) by Christina Dudley

Lily Ellsworth loves being surrounded my suitors. Tall, short, plain, handsome–it gives her a thrill to be the center of masculine attention. Of course, she knows she will eventually have to choose one of them and settle down to the humdrum existence of married life, and when that time comes, she’s resolved to accept Mr. Gilbert Wright, the dashing, wealthy, not-very-articulate-but-decently-handsome owner of the race horse Slapbang….

REVIEW of The Sisters of Sea View (On Devonshire Shores #1) by Julie Klassen

When their father dies of an apoplectic attack, the four Summers sisters and their mother must find a way to earn an income if they are to avoid descending into utter poverty. The gentlewomen have the blessing of owning their own large house in the ocean village of Sea View, and at the prompting of their managing older sister Sarah, they resolve to become a popular seaside boarding house….