REVIEW of Oath of Honor (Blue Justice #1) by Lynette Eason

Oath of HonorWhen Izzy St. John’s law enforcement partner, Kevin, is murdered at a stakeout of a crime boss, her whole family is afraid that she’ll be next. Kevin’s older brother, Ryan, starts shadowing her every move and putting his detective skills to work to find the killer. But as grateful as she is for Ryan’s help, Izzy can’t reveal everything that happened on that fateful night without putting more people in danger. As Ryan and Izzy try to unlock the secret recording on Kevin’s phone, sparks begin to fly between them. If they can stop the nefarious plot afoot, there might be time for romance to bloom.

This first book of the Blue Justice series introduces the St. John family. All six siblings are involved in law enforcement or medical work in some way, and their mom is the police chief. Having already read books three and four, I was familiar with the family dynamics, but the opening pages might be confusing to some as a huge number of characters, their occupation, and their relation to Izzy are rattled off at breakneck pace. I typically don’t enjoy female protagonists in a law enforcement thriller, but Izzy was a competent and likable character! Sensible and cool-headed, she manages to hold her cards close to her chest while keeping a disaster of epic proportions from striking the city. The relationship between Izzy and Ryan seemed a little unrealistic (coming so soon on the heels of Kevin’s death), but I suppose tense situations like this can be a catalyst for romance. This book would make a great movie.

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