REVIEW of Called to Protect (Blue Justice #2) by Lynette Eason

Called to ProtectChloe St. John is a K-9 officer, working with her German shepherd partner Hank to bring down the toughest criminals. When U.S. Marshal Blake McCallum’s teenage daughter Rachel disappears, Chloe and Hank join the team to help roust out her whereabouts. It seems certain Rachel’s been taken by a sex-trafficking ring, and they’re not interested in ransom–they want Blake to murder the judge who’s trying to crack down on their “business.”

Together, Chloe and Blake work the case, using Hank’s tracking abilities to find Rachel before her diabetes (or the traffickers) end her life. Along the way, Chloe finds herself attracted to the stoic marshal. They both have had bad relationships in the past, but is it possible that they could find love with each other?

Reminiscent of the Liam Neeson movie Taken, this book alternated between Chloe, Blake, and Rachel’s points of view. I enjoyed seeing Chloe’s K-9 work, as she guided Hank by speaking commands in Dutch. I also enjoyed Rachel’s resourcefulness as she tried to escape, monitor her insulin, and keep hidden. Blake was not quite as interesting to me–at times I wished this book wasn’t a romance and just focused on Chloe and Rachel as individuals. The fast paced action kept me reading, however, and for those hooked on the Blue Justice series, you’ll love finding out more about the St. John law enforcement family.

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