REVIEW of The Captivating Prince (Princes of Valdoria #2) by Julia Keanini

Captivating PrinceThis second book in the Princes of Valdoria series starts off with the date you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Jewel is a hardworking seamstress who dreams of sharing her clothing with the masses and not just the royals. As tailor to the Valdorian ruling family, she has been avoiding Prince Tristan all her life. She’s used up all her excuses for why she won’t go on a date with him, but she knows that after they have their romantic dinner, he’ll lose interest in her like he does with all the rest of the women in his life.

Tristan Kane enjoys a good time with his buddies in the military, vying for waitresses’ phone numbers and saying goodbye to girls as fast as he says hello to them. He has always known Jewel was special, and her refusal to be swept off her feet is proving irresistible to him. When a painful tragedy forces Tristan to re-examine his shallow ways, he learns for the first time that establishing a relationship might be more satisfying than getting out of one.

This book lets readers revisit Theo and Alex from The Noble Heir and provides a satisfying conclusion to Tristan’s story. Although I don’t normally spring for contemporary romances, I’m loving the fictional Valdorian princes and am keeping an eye out for the next installment in this series.

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