REVIEW of The Noble Heir (Princes of Valdoria #1) by Julia Keanini

Noble HeirWhen Alex Turner (AKA Princess Alexandra Torres) won the coveted internship with world-famous photographer Jacques Ledoux, she had no idea that her next photo assignment would take her to Valdoria to shadow Prince Theo for a month of candid shots. Now if only she can survive the month without blowing her cover or falling in love with the man she once rejected, she might get the success and acclaim she craves.

Theo, crown prince of Valdoria, has never quite gotten over the girl who turned him down. But with Alexandra Torres not an option, he needs to find a woman to be the perfectly poised queen of Valdoria. None of his brothers like Elise too much (she’s so boring!), but his mother is determined to make the match work. When an intern photographer invades his privacy, he sees right through her dyed hair and glasses, but if he pretends to be clueless about her identity, he may avoid falling for Alexandra once again.

I tend to shy away from contemporary romances, but the fictional royalty setup in this book intrigued me. Theo is a stand-up guy–always the gentleman, the dutiful son, and a little bit over-the-top with how selfless he is (secretly taking care of drug addicts’ babies in his spare time?). Alex has always wanted to prove herself on her own merits–and can’t do it with her royal reputation getting in the way. Her anonymity is the key to winning a high-profile photography job, but that anonymity may get in the way of warning Theo about a plot which will damage both his reputation and his kingdom.

This book was a quick read and a fun romance, perfect for when you’re in the mood for some fluff.

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