REVIEW of Mr. Darcy and the Murder at Rosings by Lin Mei Wei

After Lizzy rejects Mr. Darcy’s haughty proposal, she looks forward to his immediate departure from Rosings so that the awkwardness can abate. A violent storm, however, traps all the inmates of Rosings (along with Lizzy and the Collins) at the house. When a footman is discovered murdered in the gun room, Mr. Darcy takes charge to ensure the safety of his aunt, his cousin, and the woman he loves. Curious Lizzy, however, cannot resist trying to investigate the murder too, and after their combined efforts uncover secret passages, assumed identities, and a nefarious plot, Lizzy concludes that the indefatigable Mr. Darcy might not be so odious as his proposal had led her to believe….

This Pride and Prejudice variation is first-rate fan fiction. While Darcy and Lizzy aren’t exactly like Austen’s originals, they are engaging enough to make the story a diverting tale. Colonel FitzWilliam, Anne, and Lady Catherine all come alive with new facets to their characters. Darcy himself–resourceful, manly, and loyal–is more of a Georgette Heyer hero than an Austen one, but his derring-do cannot help but recommend him to the reader as well as to Lizzy. This variation is an enjoyable and imaginative look at your favorite literary couple.


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