REVIEW of Faking Grace by Tamara Leigh

faking graceMaizy Grace wants to make it big as a journalist, but after her last news job imploded, she can’t land more than a part time position at the local newspaper . Hesitantly, she takes a second job at a Christian publishing company, piling on the religious bumper stickers and Christianese to convince the people there that she’s a born again believer. Despite her employment under false pretenses, she begins to find friends among her co-workers and gets tricked into attending church with the handsome but suspicious Jack Prentiss. Along the way, she discovers that Christians are people too, and people that she likes hanging out with. When her boss at the local paper asks her to do a feature article critiquing the Christian publishing company, Maizy Grace must decide where her loyalties lie and discover that no matter her past mistakes, there is grace and forgiveness in Jesus.

This book was a cute Christian romcom without a whole lot of substance to it. The message that “Christians aren’t perfect people, they’re saved sinners” came through loud and clear. I didn’t find either Maizy or Jack particularly well-developed as characters, but the book had a lot of funny moments in it.

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