REVIEW of A Return of Devotion (Haven Manor #2) by Kristi Ann Hunter

return of devotionDaphne Blakemoor is terrified about the impending arrival of the new owner of Haven Manor. How can she and her friend Jess conceal that his estate has been used to house a dozen illegitimate children? When William, the Marquis of Chemsford, arrives, her terror grows to new heights. He is the exact image of her son Benedict, and who will believe her that she’s never met the man before in her life?

William is confused by the strange behavior of the housekeeper on his new home. Not only does she stare strangely and try to manage all of his movements around the estate, she also seems singularly unqualified to be a domestic. But as the secrets of Haven Manor begin to unfold, William’s opinion of Daphne begins to change.

In this sequel to A Defense of Honor, shy and retiring Daphne must overcome her fears of re-entering Regency society if she’s to find love with a man who takes his public duty seriously. She must decide how to break the news to Benedict of who his mother and father truly are. And she must come to terms with her own past, overcoming the shame of previous actions through the forgiveness that Christ offers.

This book was an interesting continuation to the first book in the Haven Manor series, but I found it a little long in parts. Both William’s initial opinion of Daphne and her recurring daydreams made her seem somewhat dimwitted. All in all, I preferred the prequel to this one, but I anticipate that the third book in this series (Jess’ story) should be a good tale.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

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