REVIEW of The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Magnolia StoryIf you’ve ever watched Fixer Upper then you know that Chip Gaines likes to take risks, make jokes, and work hard. Joanna, his better and classier half, tempers his enthusiasm, plans out his renovation projects, and provides the beauty to his brawn. The show gives a curated glimpse into their private lives, but who wouldn’t want to know more about the irrepressible Gaines duo? Hence, a book…

In The Magnolia Story we get the heartwarming stories of how Chip and Joanna grew up, met, married, had kids, started their businesses, took risks, suffered setbacks, and ultimately found happiness in family, friends, and the grace of God. Chip’s impulsive purchases (a houseboat?) and Joanna’s reactions made me giggle…as did the story about the time Chip went to jail and Joanna had to bail him out. The narrative unfolds well and throughout it the Gaines provide understated testimony of the sovereign and gracious hand that works in all our affairs. Recommended.

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