REVIEW of My Sister’s Intended (Serendipity #1) by Rachael Anderson

My Sister's IntendedPrudence is a beautiful and talentend young woman whose own debut into society has been postponed in deference to her awkward and less attractive sister. A romantic at heart, Prudence is determined that her sister Sophia should not wed their nearby neighbor unless she can truly know and love him. But when Prudence begins her surreptitious investigation of Lord Knave’s character, her hidden aspiration to become a romance novelist is inadvertently revealed to him. She begins to quiz him on how a romantic hero would behave in various situations but soon discovers that she is playing with fire. The only prudent step is to begin avoiding him for, as her mother says, Prudence’s beauty and vivacity will always shine down Sophia, and it would be the utmost betrayal if Prudence were to steal her sister’s intended.

This Regency romance was unusual and delightful. The relationship between Prudence and Sophia is a devoted one, but each has secrets from the other that need to be shared. Despite his name, Lord Knave is anything but knavish. He is determined to do his duty by Sophia, as there has been an understanding between their families for the last decade. But his misery at the prospect only grows when he discovers that it is Prudence, not Sophia, who has the ability to make his heart sing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Regency romance. Rachael Anderson is a new favorite. Recommended.

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