REVIEW of Lord Haversham Takes Command (Miss Delacourt #4), by Heidi Ashworth

Lord HavershamLord Haversham has been in love with Mira Crenshaw for years, but when he returns from the continent, there are three insurmountable obstacles to their union. First, Lord Haversham is a secret agent sworn to protect the young Queen Victoria–how can he even think of courting Mira when the queen’s life is in danger? Second, Mira is being wooed by the odious Duke of Marcross, and her parents, albeit tepidly, seem to be supporting the match! And third, Lord Haversham’s mother, Lady Avery, continues to conduct herself in such an outrageous manner (dead fish floating in bowls on the dining table, a monkey loose at a house party, a wardrobe malfunction of mythological proportions) that it is unlikely Mira’s family will countenance the connection.

This book is a delightful look at the second generation of characters from the original Miss Delacourt novel. I especially enjoyed Mira’s protective older brothers, and Lord Haversham was an intrepid hero. The witty banter between Haversham and Marcross had me grinning from ear to ear, and the farcical situations only crescendoed throughout the story leading to a satisfying conclusion for all.

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