REVIEW of Lady Crenshaw’s Christmas (Miss Delacourt #3), by Heidi Ashworth

Lady CrenshawAnthony and Ginny (or to use their titles–Lord and Lady Crenshaw) have been married for seven months and are just as much in love as ever. But with Ginny now expecting their first child, how will she find the strength to put on a Christmas ball, cope with Anthony’s spiteful relatives, and find Anthony a Christmas present unique enough to express her undying affection?

All of your favorite characters from the Miss Delacourt series return for a Regency farce that only Heidi Ashworth knows how to deliver. Ginny is still endearingly innocent, Anthony is just as romantic as ever. and Lucinda (now Lady Avery) does not disappoint as she enters the Christmas ball with enough jewelry to weigh down a barge and a few lapdogs hidden in her dress. Enjoy the clever banter and uproarious situations as Ginny and Anthony find themselves trying much too hard to cater to other people’s expectations.

This short story is probably best enjoyed by those who have already met Ginny and Anthony before in Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind and Miss Delacourt Has Her Day.

“Are you quite well? You look so uncomfortable with your hand over your eye.”

“Yes,” Lady Avery replied, nodding.  “It’s only that my eyelashes have caught in the prongs of my ring and everyone has been paying far too much attention to you to notice that I need assistance.”

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