REVIEW of Lady Maybe, by Julie Klassen

Lady MaybeLoosely based on the story of Jane Eyre, Lady Maybe follows the romantic adventures of a servant mistakenly assumed to be her dead mistress. Per Julie Klassen’s usual, the plot is filled with mysteries embedded in the past, handsome suitors vying for the heroine’s attention, interesting secondary characters, and guilt and redemption. When scrolling through the Goodreads reviews, I was surprised to see many longtime fans excoriating this novel because it has adultery in it, and mentioning that this book had a different publisher than her previous ones (presumably because her Christian publisher wouldn’t take this one). Yes, the story line has adultery–but the adultery is handled in a Biblical manner which should be a recommendation for the novel not a strike against it. While not as enjoyable as Klassen’s previous book The Secret of Pembrooke Park, it was still a wonderful read.

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