REVIEW of The Drowned Vault, by N.D. Wilson

drownedvault1201This review should have happened several months ago, back in 2012. It’s part of my catch-up for the new year to get this book review blog back on track.

I bought The Drowned Vault, by N.D. Wilson the day it was released and read it cover to cover by the next day. Cy and Tigs, responsible for the havoc wreaked in the last book and for losing the Dragon’s Tooth, experience the animosity of the Order of Brendan in Ashtown. Only a few friends will teach them the skills they need to progress in the Order. When Dr. Phoenix begins tracking down the Immortals and killing them with the Dragon’s Tooth, the rest of the Immortals, led by Gilgamesh of Uruk, come to Ashtown demanding justice. The meeting erupts in a brawl that will ultimately send Cy, Tigs, and their keeper Rupert, into flight away from Ashtown and into the unknown.

Arachne figures in this book as the most interesting new character. She uses her weaving skills to not only protect Cyrus and Antigone but also to remake them into something super-human. The two Smiths learn the real story of John Smith, their famous ancestor, who became immortal himself and was imprisoned in a drowned vault. But unlocking his chains will unlock an evil even greater than that of Dr. Phoenix. <scary music>

An excellent sequel to the first book. Looking forward to book three….

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