The Gentleman in the Ash Tree (Allen Abbey Romances #1)

When Eloise Blackburn finds a strange gentleman perched in the leafy branches of an ash tree, she has strong suspicions he is not who he says he is. After all, the neighboring Allen family has never mentioned a cousin named Crispin from the West Indies. And what’s this he’s saying about a missing inheritance and a secret passageway in Allen Abbey? Despite Eloise’s misgivings, her family finds Crispin Allen’s story entirely plausible, and she is soon thrust into an adventure with a cheeky stranger who seems intent on winning more from her than just her help in his quest….

This clean romance Regency novella is 35,000 words.


Praise for The Gentleman in the Ash Tree

“This Regency will satisfy readers looking for a reassuring story, in which the admirable characters are rewarded, those who regret their misbehavior are forgiven, and the unrepentant nasty ones are punished.” – The Historical Novel Society

“…brings adventure, family drama, and a ton of delightful romance together in this short tale… [L]ook no further than this book and its secret passages for a fun afternoon read!” – InD’Tale Magazine

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