The Duke’s Last Hunt (Pevensey Mysteries #2)

With her third London season drawing to a close, the shy Eliza Malcolm seems unlikely to find any husband, let alone a titled one. But when the hunting-crazed Duke of Brockenhurst invites the Malcolms to visit Harrowhaven, Eliza’s father jumps at the chance to gain a wealthy son-in-law. Surrounded by quarreling parents, tactless acquaintances, the aloof dowager, and the unsettling duke, Eliza looks for one person kind enough to help her navigate the murky waters of Harrowhaven’s secrets….

Estranged from his brother the duke, Henry Rowland only planned to visit Harrowhaven for the afternoon, but after meeting his brother’s intended, his designs are overthrown. As misfortune strikes Harrowhaven, Jacob Pevensey is called in to investigate. Henry learns that the only way to safeguard Eliza Malcolm’s happiness is to face the past he has been running from for ten long years.

This novel takes the medieval events surrounding William II’s death in the New Forest and relocates them to a Regency country manor. The second book in the Pevensey series, it can be read as a standalone.


Praise for The Duke’s Last Hunt

“This carefully wrought story is overlaid with a fine veil of secrets, intertwined and held together like Chantilly lace, tempting this reader to continue reading just one more page till all was made clear at story’s end. I highly recommend to all lovers of historical fiction eager to see worthy heroes and heroines, tightly bound by the social expectations of the era, freed by love, integrity, and courage.” – Sandra Byrd, author of Mist of Midnight

“A sweet but intriguing historical murder mystery, The Duke’s Last Hunt uses both romance and mystery to keep the reader entertained.” – InDTale Magazine

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