REVIEW of Moriarty Lifts the Veil (The Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mysteries #4) by Anna Castle

Professor Moriarty has a keen, logical mind for solving mysteries, but does Angelina have the charm and chutzpah to uncover secrets beyond his range of expertise? When two separate cases come to our detective duo, they set up a cordial wager as to which spouse will sleuth out their solution first. The Professor embarks on a tangled examination of ledgers and liars as he tries to sort out who is embezzling military pensions from poor veterans. Angelina, on the other hand, has a missing Indian woman to find, a servant of one of the officers’ wives in a regiment returned from India. As the friendly rivalry continues, each discovers perplexing ties to the other’s case. Could the embezzlement and the abduction be connected? And what sort of diabolical games are the officers and their wives involved in?

As usual, Sherlock Holmes does his best to butt his nose into affairs and implicate the Moriartys in wrongdoing. Watson proves much more lovable, providing advice and connections to Angelina who is never afraid to ask a favor. Although the case was not quite as interesting to me as some of the others in the Moriarty repertoire, I enjoyed this chance to revisit old friends in one of my favorite mystery series.

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